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About Mental Health

What is Depression?

Depression is a disorder that is characterized by more than just sadness, it can also manifest as loss of interest, weight gain/loss, loss of motivation, sleeping disturbances, lack of energy, feeling worthless/hopeless, irritability, and thoughts of death, suicide, or self-harm.

• Different types of depression include:  

   major depressive disorder, persistent             depressive disorder, bipolar disorder,      

   seasonal depression, postpartum,

   depression and psychotic depression.

• Depression in children and adolescents  

   can look like lower self-esteem, poor

   concentration, isolation, and frequent           issues at school like absences or low    


• Fewer than 50% of people experiencing        depression receive treatment.

• Women are more affected by depression

   than men.

• 3.2% of children 3-17 have been    

  diagnosed with depression.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a disorder that is generally characterized by feelings of worry, irrational/intrusive thoughts as well as physical characteristics such as sweating, trembling, fast heartbeat, “butterflies or pit” in the stomach, and shortness of breath.

• Anxiety is the most common mental      

   disorder affecting around 18% of adults 

   18 and older, and 25% of children 13 to   


• Anxiety can develop from different factors 

   such as genetics, brain chemistry, 

   personality, and life events.

• Different types of anxiety disorders 

   include panic disorder, phobias, OCD,

   social anxiety, and PTSD among others.

• Women are twice as likely to experience 

   anxiety more than men.

• Anxiety is a reaction due to stress. 

What our clients are saying

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